Students using Zoom, putting on an anti-Covid mask and a poster asking students to stay 2m apart.

New Free Videos A1 plus to B1

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 07 January 2021 > Pedagogy

Have you checked out the 15 new videos on the BRNE anglais cycle 4? There are five for each level A1+, A2, B1. Amongst other things, they offer many ways to consider the effects of the pandemic on pupils’ lives, whether it’s making a mask, touring a school with social distancing or tips for getting the most out of Zoom lessons.

Each video comes with interactive comprehension activities, and is provided in three versions: un-subtitled, subtitled and with key words subtitled. You can download the scripts and the videos for use offline.

There are also several videos on ecological themes: building an insect hotel, being ecological at Christmas, picking up litter or considering the environmental impact of internet streaming services (20% of the world's electricity is consumed by the Internet.)

Students streaming TV, collecting litter, using recycled Christmas paper

To access the resources, register now or log in to the BRNE. It's free, you just need your académique e-mail address.

To find out more
You can download  a PDF which explains the Nathan-Speakeasy Anglais cycle 4 resource bank and gives you details of more than a thousand resources that are already on line.

There are also tutorials.