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If you are using our Ready to Use Resources Polar Adventurer or Arctic Mystery, these audio activities would make an excellent complement. You can access or download them on the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4.

SN_BRN_logoTo see the resources, download them or use them online, register now or log in to the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4 then go to:

Audios > A1+Voyages et migrations > Saynète > The Race to the South Pole
This audio tells the story of Amundsen and Scott racing be the first humans to reach the South Pole.

Audios > A2 > Langages et modes de vie > Saynète > Arctic Checklist
This audio puts pupils in the position of someone preparing to travel to the Arctic, like Jade Hameister, and choosing what equipment they need.


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