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Sports Stories Winners A2

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We received thousands and thousands of fabulous entries to our sport-themed creative-writing contest. Here are our favourite texts entered as A2. They are incredibly varied, which is an accurate reflection of all the stories we received. These are about a surfing dog, a champion football fan, a mystery at a horseriding school, an acrostic poem on parasport, taking inspiration from a loved one in a sports competition and an unusual result of a defeat.

And the winners are, in no particular order:

  • Feyza, Thomas and Rami from Mrs Liponne’s class, Collège La Sidoine, Trévoux
  • Djéden and Zayn-Luc from Mme Boisroux’s class, Collège Georges Seurat, Courbevoie
  • Christiana, Marie-Madeleine and Yasmine from Ms Bowman’s class, Collège Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Le Mans.
  • Lison and Tiphaine from Mme Durand’s  class, Collège Croas Ar Pennoc, Guilers
  • Eloïse and Joana from Mme Morvan’s class, Collège Georges Seurat, Courbevoie
  • Chloé from Mme Huszar’s class, EFIB Bern

Scroll down to discover their amazing texts!

Feyza, Thomas and Rami from Mrs Liponne’s class, Collège La Sidoine, Trévoux

Today is Tuesday, January 2nd. It’s Summer. Today is a very important day for me because it’s Summer and I love it, the temperature has reached 25° Celsius!

This is Cookie. He is on a paddle with his sunglasses. He looks joyful. He is Australian, he is very sporty.

Cookie is the best surfer I have ever seen.

I remember the day when he won a gold medal. Our neighbors of New Zealand had organized the competition. It was sunny that day and everybody enjoyed it and will always remember ! We celebrated his victory for days !

Cookie is very happy today because he’s gonna see the sports teacher who helped him improve in physical education.

Back to today ! Summer is starting. It’s a promising season for me. I hope I will have the opportunity to go surfing with Cookie !

Djéden and Zayn-Luc from Mme Boisroux’s class, Collège Georges Seurat, Courbevoie

Worcester FC

Alex, a devoted Worcester FC fan, was bullied at school due to his support for the struggling club. Despite being the only supporter in the stadium’s stands, Alex never missed a match, thanks to his savings from working at a local grocery store. Without Alex knowing, the Worcester FC manager took notice of his flawless loyalty.

This season, Alex sensed a change in the air. The arrival of their promising new forward, Mitsuha, sparked hope. Alex believed they could rise to the top of the Premier Division and secure a spot in the Premier League.

Five months later, Worcester FC faced Corsham Town, a crucial match. The crowd full of new supporters who had joined during the team’s recent successes. The score stood at 2-2, and only a goal in the final minutes would secure Worcester’s Premier League qualification.

As extra time started, Worcester pressed forward. Even their goalkeeper joined the attack. Then, in the dying seconds, the ball found its way to Mitsuha. With dribbling, Mitsuha went by defenders and released a shot that found the net.

The stadium erupted in joy. But during the celebration, Alex heard his name. The Worcester manager called him to the pitch. The manager’s words resonated through the silent crowd:

“I want to thank this faithful supporter. Even through hard times, he stood by us. His dedication motivated the players. Our Premier League qualification owes much to him.”

In that moment, Alex realized that sometimes, the most passionate fans make all the difference.

Christiana, Marie-Madeleine and Yasmine from Ms Bowman’s class, Collège Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Le Mans.

Horseriding competition

Mahyra a 14-year-old girl who has loved horseriding since she was 7, goes to Black Beauty school, a beautiful school for horseriding in Horsetown, a small town in England.

Suddenly, she changes school to be reunited with her bestfriend who goes to Rainbow Star, the rival school of Black Beauty. Their team keeps losing and getting beaten by the students from Black Beauty school.

On her first day at her new school, she meets with her BBF and since it has been so long, she tells her everything even things she shouldn't have. The next day, she is called to the headmistress's office and sees her mother there with a huge bag filled with cash. She tells Mahyra that if she kidnaps the captain of Black Beauty, all the cash would be hers so she accepts because the money is a way to pay for her mother's hospital bills.

On the competition day, Black Beauty team loses for the first time because their captain is missing and Rainbow Star team wins.

Lison and Tiphaine from Mme Durand’s class, Collège Croas Ar Pennoc, Guilers

Shooting para sport is a challenge for athletes
How courageous they are!
Olympic and Paralympic sports are taking place in Paris in 2024.
Only the best one can practise this amazing sport.
The competition
In the qualification round, competitors fire a specified
Number of shots at a target made of 10 concentric rings.
Guns or pistols are used.

Paralympic sport
Athletes with the lowest scores are eliminated one by one over the course of the final.
Right after,
A winner is determined.

Shooters compete in rifle and pistol events from distances of 10m, 25m and 50m.
Please let's support,
Or help them all.
Right now we can save the date between 30th August and 5th September.
The target is so hard to touch!

Eloïse and Joana from Mme Morvan’s class, Collège Georges Seurat, Courbevoie

Grandma’s Champion in the Olympics

The last five hours were very hard for me.

My grandmother died.

This morning, I answered a call that destroyed me.

This afternoon, I am supposed to represent the United Kingdom in the first event of breakdance at the Olympics.

When I was five years old, my grandmother enrolled me in a breakdance class, and she encouraged me to continue my passion. Thanks to her, I am here today. But I’m not sure I will participate now. I will talk to my coach who’s just entered the room.

- I can’t!

- No, you can do it. I heard the bad news this morning about your grandmother. Charlie, you’re a young eighteen boy. You know your potential! Seriously, you are in the final of the Olympics! Do you want to pay tribute to your grandmother?

- I don’t know… I guess so…

- You will do it for your grandmother.

Now, I’m in the dance circle. It’s time to show my talent. My sadness disappears, my determination comes back. I’m facing my opponent, representing the USA. I take a big breath and I begin my routine. I’m going fast and everything around me is wheeling. I only see colour stains and hear spectators’ screams and whispers. Suddenly, I remember that before the event, I chose to do the jumping windmill in my routine without telling my coach. This is my grandmother’s favourite move, the hardest and the most difficult move in breakdance. I finish my routine. I only hear my coach’s screams because spectators are shocked and don’t scream anymore. Have I disappointed my coach? She looks at me angrily. My opponent and I are called in the centre of the dance circle. The referee takes our hands and raises mine. Spectators scream loudly and my coach runs to me and hugs me. A tear slowly runs down my cheek. A tear of joy. Now, I’m not only the Olympics Champion.  I am my Grandma’s Champion!

Chloé from Mme Huszar’s class, EFIB Bern

Kayak Race

I stand in front of my kayak, my paddle in my hand. My opponents look strong and confident. I feel weak compared to them, but I won't be in0midated. I didn't get to the semi-finals for nothing! I'm taking part in the world's biggest kayak race.

I'll have to cross the Channel in just a few hours. I hear the star0ng signal and set out on the rather peaceful sea. After a few minutes, I started to be overtaken by all the participants, and I felt like I wasn't making any headway. I suddenly feel water at my feet; there's a hole in my kayak! I'm sinking, I can't see anyone to help me and obviously I've forgotten my first-aid kit. I jump off my kayak and start swimming to keep from drowning. I've been swimming for so long that I'm beginning to despair. I finally see land. When I get there, people rush to me and take me to the emergency room.

A few weeks later, I learned that I had finished last in the kayak race and had beaten the world record for swimming!