The New Face of Congress
A young Latina woman from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shatters our traditional vision of Congressional Representatives. This article explores her life, both private and public, from the Bronx to Washington, D.C. after the recent midterm elections: how can “one of us” sit in Congress at barely 29 and champion the average working class person’s rights?
Michael Jackson: On the Wall
It’s become a cliché to describe a celebrity as an iconic figure but a new exhibition about Michael Jackson takes the word “iconic” in a more literal sense. Michael Jackson: On the Wall looks at how the visual artists depicted and idolised one of the biggest music stars of his, or any, time.
One-Man Show
Grayson Perry is one of the best-known contemporary artists in the U.K, a documentary filmmaker and often a walking work of art. His exhibition “Vanity, Identity, Sexuality” at the Monnaie de Paris gives an overview of his art, which questions British society and politics, and male identity. As well as his original speciality, ceramics, it features tapestries, and the extraordinary dresses he wears when he appears as his alter-ego Claire.
Carousel and Rainbow Working: Ideas from Britain
Le travail de groupes représente une modalité de travail que les professeurs apprécient de plus en plus. Pour que cette activité soit plus motivante et plus fructueuse, Aurélie Watts nous suggère quelques tips qui permettent d’en éviter certains écueils et de donner sa place aux cinq objectifs que Philippe Meirieu assigne aux activités de groupes : la finalisation, la socialisation, le monitorat, la confrontation et, bien sûr, l’apprentissage. Il est en effet essentiel que cette modalité de travail soit, en elle-même, le lieu d’acquisition de compétence et non pas seulement le lieu de production d’une tâche ou d’un objet.

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