Winter is Coming… for the Summer
You’ve watched all seven seasons, and read the books. There’s a whole year to wait till the concluding season eight. Never fear, you can check out the Game of Thrones touring exhibition all summer in Paris.
Back in Black… Hole
On Friday June 15th, after a memorial service which saw Stephen Hawking’s ashes interred at Westminster Abbey, his “message of peace and hope” was sent to the stars.
Help Us Help You Avoid Student Errors
Nous serions ravis de recevoir des exemples d’erreurs génériques que vos élèves font tout le temps afin de vous proposer en retour des méthodes efficaces pour aider les élèves à éviter ces erreurs. Par exemple, confondre les noms dénombrables et indénombrables : “I read much books.” Ou se tromper dans l’ordre des mots: “I speak very well English.”
Emily Brontë 200
Emily Brontë was born 200 years ago on 30 July. She is the most mysterious of the famous Brontë family and little is known about her. What’s more, the manuscript of her only novel, Wuthering Heights, has never been found. A bicentenary project invited 12,000 visitors to the Brontë Museum to recreate the manuscript, line by line.

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