Basic Income: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Canada pioneered an experiment on a universal basic income for all citizens in the 1970s. Now, one province, Ontario, has promised another trial. And other countries or regions are also toying with a basic income for all.
Detective Story on Stage Around France
San Francisco theatre company Word for Word are back for their annual French tour in March, with a performance of Edward P. Jones noir story “All Aunt Hagar’s Children” in Nancy, Angers and Paris.
Teaching With Trailers: Lion
Lion is based on a true story, and these two videos work well together, showing the fiction with the trailer, and the reality, with a Public Service Announcement by star Dev Patel for donations to charities helping lost children in India, like the film’s hero, Saroo.
Learning to Learn
How can pupils be helped to find the ways of learning which work best for them? Memorisation is essential to language learning but a stumbling block for many learners. These practical suggestions can help them adopt new habits that can transfer to all their learning.

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