Money for Nothing?
Give 20,000 schoolchildren £10 each and ask them to start a mini-business. It sounds ambitious, but the Tenner Challenge is a big success with British pupils and teachers.
Jamaican Rebel Music
Jamaica is famous for reggae, and in particular Bob Marley. But Jamaican music has a long and complex history, and is much more influential than seems credible for a nation with a population of less than 3 million. In music, as in athletics, Jamaica punches well above its weight. An exhibition at the Philharmonie demonstrates how music participated in, and was influenced by, the struggle against slavery and oppression.
Des ressources numériques gratuites à partager avec vos classes
Vous rêviez d’un endroit où vous pourriez trouver de nombreux documents et activités pour enrichir vos cours ? Ne cherchez plus : les enseignants d’anglais Cycle 4 ont désormais accès à une banque de plus de mille ressources numériques : des vidéos, des audios, des articles de presse et des activités interactives dans le cadre du plan numérique pour l’École.
Eco-Warrior A2+ B1 B1+
This A2+-level article sheds light on ways to take part in environmental issues, through the eyes of a teenage Native American boy very committed to ecology. As well as A2+ activities, we have suggested some B1 extensions and videos for use with mixed-level or more advanced classes.

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