Emma Thompson and Rakhee Thakrar as Extinction Rebellion activists i the film.

Extinction Rebellion Short Film

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The Extinction Rebellion ecological movement first came to prominence in 2019 when after 11 days of protests it persuaded the British government to declare a state of ecological emergency. This twelve-minute-long film starring Emma Thompson is a fiction based on real events and was shot during the 2019 protests in an eco-friendly sustainable way. It can be studied with Shine Bright Terminale Short File 17 Carbon-Free UK.

“Time’s running out”, “the Earth is in danger”, “we should all act now”. We all know these slogans but beyond words, what is really implemented to make these big ideas and wishes come true?

This is why the “Extinction Rebellion” movement protested in 2019— so the British government would stop talking and start acting.

After declaring a state of ecological emergency – thus giving hopes to the thousands of activists – the British government stopped short and didn’t really take action.

This twelve-minute-long film is a fiction based on real events and was shot during the 2019 protests in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

With this film, director Jack Cooper Stimson hopes not only to raise awareness but also to goad people into action in order to save the planet.

Though longer than the documents we usually offer, we recommend studying the whole short film as it allows your students to have a rather thorough vision of how the movement is perceived, how it works and who supports or is against it. The pervading humour and lively rhythm make it pleasant to work (though some swear words might offend / upset some students and teachers)

This document can be studied in relation to the Shine Bright Terminale Short File 17 Carbon-Free UK either as a follow-up work, an extra activity or even a homework.

So, be on the right side of history. Join the rebellion.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Activism: get involved, involvement, fight for a cause, defend a cause, to demonstrate, raise awareness…
  • Ecology: eco-friendly actions, extinct species, jeopardise, threaten, waste, energy-saving…
  • Movie: actors, directors, the cast, shooting…
  • Analysis: suggest, imply, tally with, be reminiscent of, be in keeping with, stress, underline…
  • Structure causative: expect / want /would like people to + BV
  • Opinion+ qualifying it: I reckon, to my mind, in my opinion, / to a certain extent, on the one hand, yet…
  • Organising ideas: link words (cause, consequence), arguments…



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