Pupils’ Portrait Winners

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 06 December 2018 > Pedagogy

Back at the beginning of the school year, we launched three pupil competitions. The A1+ level competition was to write a 50-word text about a special image, like “The People’s Portrait” we featured in September. We were absolutely inundated with replies for the three competitions, which we are slowly working through. Please apologise to your … Continue reading “Pupils’ Portrait Winners”

Working on Articulation

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 19 November 2018 > Pedagogy

No doubt the way someone utters individual sounds or words plays a considerable part in this. But there are other, perhaps more important elements to consider. And I suggest that one of them is the way someone positions their articulators. The articulators are the different moveable speech organs that enable a person to pronounce the … Continue reading “Working on Articulation”

Festival America: Reading Ideas for Literature Classes

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 17 October 2018 > Pedagogy

Cécile Sempere-Brun recommends: The Verdun Affair, by Nick Dybeck A novel about love and loss, forgetting and remembering. Reading A Verdun Affair is like travelling through space and time. The novel is set immediately after WWI, in France and Italy, as well as against the more glamorous background of 1950s Los Angeles. As the story … Continue reading “Festival America: Reading Ideas for Literature Classes”

Who Am I? Competition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 20 September 2018 > Pedagogy

Have your A2-level pupils create a “Who Am I?” quiz about a famous English-speaker to enter our competition. We would like pupils to create ten questions, progressing from difficult to easy, to identify a mystery person, using the model of the “BioBox” quiz below. You can download this quiz and/or one on Nelson Mandela. We’ll … Continue reading “Who Am I? Competition”

Pupils’ Portrait Competition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 19 September 2018 > Pedagogy

The People’s Portrait is in fact two portraits of Queen Elizabeth II made up of a collage of images sent in by the general public. People were asked to send in a photo and short description or anecdote. We have an A1+-level Ready-to-Use Resource about the portraits for you to introduce the topic to your … Continue reading “Pupils’ Portrait Competition”

Dorothea Lange Competition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 20 September 2018 > Pedagogy

We’ve drawn inspiration from Dorothea Lange’s evocative photographs, soon to be on show in Paris, to invent a creative-writing competition for your B1-B2-level pupils. The “Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing” exhibition to be held at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris (Oct 2018 – Jan 2019) encompasses Lange’s major works including the iconic “Migrant … Continue reading “Dorothea Lange Competition”

De nouvelles vidéos et articles gratuits à partager avec vos classes

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 31 October 2018 > Pedagogy

De nouvelles vidéos et articles pour les niveaux A1+ à B1 viennent d’être rajoutés à la Banque de ressources numériques d’anglais Cycle 4. Une récente étude sur la différenciation grâce à la BRNE, et nos nouveaux cahiers-livres peuvent vous permettre de tirer un maximum de bénéfice de toutes ces ressources proposées gratuitement. Quinze nouvelles vidéos … Continue reading “De nouvelles vidéos et articles gratuits à partager avec vos classes”

Funding for Exchanges with the U.K.

Posted by Speakeasy News > Tuesday 06 March 2018 > Pedagogy

A scheme administered by the British Council offers funding for school exchange projects for  17-to-19-year-olds: up to £10,000 per project. The deadline for applications for the next awards of funds is 19 November 2018. The Charles de Gaulle Trust grants are awarded to French and British schools working on projects together. They must be applied … Continue reading “Funding for Exchanges with the U.K.”

Interactive Calendar

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 05 October 2018 > Pedagogy

Pourquoi un calendrier interactif ? L’idée même du calendrier n’est pas de moi. Project Britain, site très apprécié des professeurs d’anglais en collège, en propose un depuis des années. Récemment, certains éditeurs de manuels ont élaboré des posters ou des agendas à destination des enseignants. C’est une conversation sur Twitter avec une collègue d’anglais de l’académie … Continue reading “Interactive Calendar”