Visiting the 9/11 musuem

20th Anniversary of 9/11

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9/11 … a date etched in everyone’s memory forever. 20 years ago, the world changed tremendously in a few hours. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were as unexpected as life-changing for the whole world. Commemorations and various events are to take place in the U.S. to pay tribute to those who lost their lives 20 years ago.

These A2+/B1 activities will enable your students to learn more about (or even discover) what happened on Sept 11th 2001 thanks to a series of videos, photos and an article.

Vocabulary and structures

  • remembrance: to remember, to remind, to pay tribute to, a memorial., commemorate…
  • war, destruction and violence: terrorist attacks, war, explode, crash, rubble, smouldering …
  • solidarity: help, volunteer, rescue, charity, charitable, involvement …
  • feelings: sympathise with, feel for, feel sorry for, sorrow…
  • Causative structure: make sbdy + BV
  • Opinion+ qualifying it: I reckon, to my mind, in my opinion, / to a certain extent, on the one hand, yet…
  • Organising ideas: linkwords (cause, consequence)


  • American accent
  • poetic rhythm


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