Roald Dahl Rewritten?

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 13 March 2023 > In the News

There has been a lot in the news about Roald Dahl’s publishers putting out new versions of his novels for children, changing some of the language, like “fat” and “ugly” that sensitivity readers felt were inappropriate for today’s readers. After negative reactions the publishers said they would continue to publish the original texts of books … Continue reading “Roald Dahl Rewritten?”

Magical Behind-the-Scenes

Posted by Speakeasy News > Saturday 11 March 2023 > What's On

On 21 april 2023, in Paris, Harry Potter: The Exhibition will explore behind the scenes of the Harry Potter saga and the World of Wizards. Visitors will discover mythical scenes of the Harry Potter World as a whole, including the seven books and eight films of the first saga, the the Fantastic Beasts films, and … Continue reading “Magical Behind-the-Scenes”

Les RDV Shine bright: Le 3e trimestre en spécialité LLCER

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 10 March 2023 > Pedagogy

Shine bright lycée propose de vous accompagner avec de courts webinaires réguliers sur des problématiques concrets. La première séance a eu lieu mercredi 15 mars0. Le thème : comment organiser les cours de LLCER après les épreuves de spécialité ? Découvrez le replay ! Les épreuves de spécialité de vos élèves seront bientôt passées. What’s next?  Il reste … Continue reading “Les RDV Shine bright: Le 3e trimestre en spécialité LLCER”

Emily Brontë Biopic

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 10 March 2023 > What's On

Emily Brontë was one of the most extraordinary group of siblings in British literature. Although she wrote just one novel, Wuthering Heights, it has resonated across the world since 1847. A new biopic tries to imagine how Emily got inspiration for her Romantic classic. Emma Mackey (Eiffel, Death on the Nile) embodies the fierce, shy … Continue reading “Emily Brontë Biopic”

Your Students Have Talent! Frankenstein Revisited Booktrailers

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 10 March 2023 > Pedagogy

In our series “Your Students Have Talent”, check out these amazing book trailers created by 1ère AMC students for their revisited versions of Frankenstein! The students from Lycée Louis Bescan in Rambouillet (78) worked on Frankenstein as part of a sequence on transhumanism. They were challenged in groups to come up with updated versions of … Continue reading “Your Students Have Talent! Frankenstein Revisited Booktrailers”

Happy St Patrick’s!

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 09 March 2023 > Celebrate

St Patrick’s Day, 17 March, is the Irish national day. But there are many communities of Irish origin around the world and on St Paddy’s Day, everyone is Irish! There is a large Irish community in the U.S. and the parades in Chicago and New York are famous. The Chicago River, and the Liffey in … Continue reading “Happy St Patrick’s!”

Projet interlangue: Revisitons le mythe de Roméo & Juliette

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 16 February 2023 > Pedagogy

Nous avons travaillé avec nos classes de 4e dans le cadre du projet Numook, organisé par Littérature Jeunesse. Le projet Numook consiste à élaborer un livre numérique original, insérant du texte, des vidéos, des bandes son audio, des illustrations et autres liens hypertextes grâce au site Book Creator, disponible gratuitement et utilisable sans téléchargement, directement … Continue reading “Projet interlangue: Revisitons le mythe de Roméo & Juliette”

Scottish First Minister Resigns

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 15 February 2023 > In the News

On 15 February, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced she was resigning after eight years in the post. Like Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’ Prime Minister, less than a month ago, Sturgeon blamed the brutality of political life for her resignation. Nicola Sturgeon has been an MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) since the first elections … Continue reading “Scottish First Minister Resigns”