Tanks being landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day, 1944.

Commemorating D-Day

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There are many “D-Days” but only one D-DAY that everyone remembers and is still celebrated 80 years after it took place. 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy. More than 150,000 troops, from more than 13 different countries landed in Normandy on 6 June 1944, helped by thousands of civilians in order to free Europe from the Nazi occupation and thus end WWII. In fact, Operation Overlord to liberate France mobilized about 2 million people in total.

These B1 +/ B2 activities, based on articles and videos taken from the Royal British Legion will help your students better understand how the landings took place and why it’s important to remember and celebrate those who risked – and gave – their lives 80 years ago.

These activities could also be used in DNL classes.

Vocabulary and structures

  • war and violence: fight, battle, war, death, give your life, sacrifice, servicemen, military, soldiers, tanks, WWII/World War Two vs “the second world war”…
  • celebrating: pay tribute, honour, commemorate, anniversary…
  • remembering: remembrance, testimony,
  • feelings: excited, fearless, enthusiastic, delighted, brave, unaware, bold…
  • hypothesis (past and present): modal + BV / modal + have V-EN
  • voicing opinion : what strikes me is... / I find it amazing / incredible / shocking….


honour (silent “h”)