“Emma”: a New Austen Film

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One of the greatest classics in English literature and the “most beloved” Jane Austen novel is back on screen in a new film version that mines the deep seam of humour in the novel. These activities and offer your students a new vision of marriage in the 19th century upper-class England and fit perfectly with Shine Bright LLCER Snapfile 6 “Unmarriageable”.

Thématique LLCER 1ère: Rencontres Axe 1 : L’amour et l’amitié.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Love: match-making, love affair,
  • Describing people: unfeeling, precocious, young, control freak…
  • Movie: editing, sound track, trailer, actors… series
  • Analysis: suggest, imply, tally with, be reminiscent of, be in keeping with, stress, underline…
  • Opinion+ qualifying it: I reckon, to my mind, in my opinion, / to a certain extent, on the one hand, yet…
  • Organising ideas: linkwords (cause, consequence), arguments…
  • Using the different media and their codes: Twitter post vs interview for example


  • POC and POI: names of the characters
  • innocence

The film trailer:

Thème(s) : "Rencontres"