Happy St Patrick’s!

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St Patrick's Day, 17 March, is the Irish national day. But there are many communities of Irish origin around the world and on St Paddy's Day, everyone is Irish!

There is a large Irish community in the U.S. and the parades in Chicago and New York are famous. The Chicago River, and the Liffey in Dublin, have been dyed green on March 17 for many years. More recently, many landmarks around the world have symbolically “gone green” for St Patrick’s Day. You can see some of them here  and in the video below.

This page from the Irish Tourist Board tells you all the basics about St Patrick and St Patrick’s Day: Why is it on 17 March? Was St Patrick Irish? Why is green associated with St Patrick's day, and Ireland, alias the Emerald Isle?

For any celebration you need food and drink. Here are some traditional Irish recipes, and a video to show you how to make brown soda bread and smoked salmon pâté. (Tip: for buttermilk, you can use lait ribot or make your own by adding 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to 500ml of milk and leaving it for a few minutes. The acidity works with the bicarbonate of soda to replace yeast in this simple bread.)

To celebrate St Patrick's Day with your class, don't miss our webpicks for some great resources!

St Patrick's Day in Paris
And if you are in Paris on between 10 and 18 March, there are music, food, art, film and comedy activities for young and old at the beautiful Irish Cultural Centre in rue des Irlandais (where else?) It includes the possibility to help resident artist Tom Campbell make 50 papier mâché dogs for a St Patrick's Day installation.  Check out the St Patrick's Festival programme here.




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