Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Meet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

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Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are President and Vice-President Elect of the U.S.A., your pupils will no doubt want to know more about them. This A2 article will provide materials for your pupils to speak about the American election in a factual way. 

Vocabulary and grammar:

  • American institutions and politics: the White House, the First Lady, the Vice-President, be inaugurated, a senator, a candidate, Democrats/Republicans, a compromise, an opponent, to hold office, an Attorney General, a civil-rights activist, to campaign for, primaries
  • “As” preposition (=”in the position of”): as President, as a Democratic senator, as its candidate, as our enemy, as the first woman Vice-President
  • The superlative: the oldest, the first
  • Dates: On 7 November 2020 / in 2016...
  • Time duration: for 8 years, from 1976 to 2008...
  • Time clauses: When he was a senator...he worked, When he is inaugurated...he will be
  • Past simple: regular: served, died, survived, married, worked
    Irregular: won, was/were, had, chose, came, grew up, became, said
  • Active and passive: won, became...// was elected, is inaugurated, was disrupted, was declared...


  • Stress in Kamala Harris, President, Biden, Senate...
  • Vowel sounds in /‘senıt/, /‘senətə/, /ı‘lektıd/...