Stephen Hawking: a Unique Scientist

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On the occasion of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking, we've updated this B1-level article, which we published for his 75th birthday in 2017.  Students will learn about Hawking, one of Britain’s most famous scientists, who had a brilliant career in spite of a terrible neurological disease. The film The Theory of Everything , released in 2014, paid tribute to this exceptional man.

This sequence would fit well in an EPI Sciences, technologie et société with physics.

Vocabulary, structures and pronunciation:

  • The most+adjective / most+noun
  • Expressing purpose
  • Simpl resent perfect//simple past.
  • Brilliant, famous, respected, rare, incredible, major, unique… // anonymous, ordinary
  • Experiment // experience
  • The quest for knowledge
  • Be diagnosed with a disease
  • Derivation: science, scientist, scientific / mathematics, mathematician, mathematical / physics, physicist…

Skills and strategies:

  • Understanding significant points in straightforward newspaper articles (B1).
  • Writing brief reports and descriptions (B1).
  • Sustained monologue : briefly giving reasons and explanations for opinions (B1)