Ding Dong!

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 03 June 2020 > Webpicks

Have you ever wondered why the sound of bells in English is rendered by “ding dong”? “Zig zag” or “Kit Kat” or “ping pong” are more examples of the same linguistic phenomenon, called “ablaut reduplication”. This short video explains the phenomenon, which isn’t only prevalent in English, it is also present in French, German and … Continue reading “Ding Dong!”

Working on Articulation

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 19 November 2018 > Pedagogy

No doubt the way someone utters individual sounds or words plays a considerable part in this. But there are other, perhaps more important elements to consider. And I suggest that one of them is the way someone positions their articulators. The articulators are the different moveable speech organs that enable a person to pronounce the … Continue reading “Working on Articulation”