Who Am I? Competition Winners

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 26 April 2019 > Pedagogy

Back at the beginning of the school year, we launched three pupil competitions. The A2-level competition was to write a 10-question “Who Am I?” quiz about a famous English-speaker. We were absolutely inundated with replies for the three competitions. Please apologise to your pupils for the delay but we finally have the winners of the … Continue reading “Who Am I? Competition Winners”

Who Am I? Competition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 20 September 2018 > Pedagogy

Have your A2-level pupils create a “Who Am I?” quiz about a famous English-speaker to enter our competition. We would like pupils to create ten questions, progressing from difficult to easy, to identify a mystery person, using the model of the “BioBox” quiz below. You can download this quiz and/or one on Nelson Mandela. We’ll … Continue reading “Who Am I? Competition”

Journalism Competition Winning Articles

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 17 May 2018 > Pedagogy

Our favourite entries in our recent journalism competition took too different approaches to reporting the news. Thank you for your excellent work! Sophie Coquelin’s 5ème class at Collège Louise Michel in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (76) carried out a survey of media use in their class, like the one we reported on in our Ready to Use Resource. … Continue reading “Journalism Competition Winning Articles”

Entraîner à l’expression écrite

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 02 March 2017 > Pedagogy

L’écrit qui, à l’école primaire, constitue principalement un point d’appui des activités orales, devient au collège une capacité à construire pour permettre aux élèves d’élaborer des stratégies de lecture et d’écriture sans lesquelles ils ne pourront que difficilement accéder à terme au plaisir de lire et d’écrire en anglais.  Si la mise au point de … Continue reading “Entraîner à l’expression écrite”