The Great Hack

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The Great Hack is a new documentary made for Netflix on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal over the use of social-media users' data to potentially manipulate the outcome of elections including the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum.

This B1-level resource based on an interview with the two directors of the documentary is a great complement to the documents on Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and whistleblowers in Shine Bright 1e File 13 Digital Democracy.

Vocabulary and structures

  • internet, social media
  • hypothetical statements
  • auxiliary modals
  • expressing purpose
  • causative verbs


  • the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal


  • Making hypotheses
  • Giving a personal opinion
  • Understanding implicit irony in a text

Axes du programme

  • Citoyenneté et mondes virtuels
  • Espace privé et espace public