A pop-art rendering of a portrait of Rosalind Franklin.

The Rosalind Franklin Affair on Stage

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Rosalind Franklin is one of the invisible women scientists that litter history. Her work was integral to the discovery of the structure of DNA but only the two male scientists James Watson and Francis Crick are remembered for the achievement. A play in Paris looks at Franklin's career.

The Rosalind Franklin Affair is the last in a three-play series  in French about under-recognised women scientists. The series began with Austrian physicist Lise Meitner, whose nephew and research partner was awarded a Nobel Prize alone for their joint work on nuclear fission, and British astronomer Jocelyn Bell, who received the Nobel Prize for her discovery of pulsars.

You can find out more about Rosalind Franklin in our article.

L'affaire Rosalind Franklin
Théâtre la Reine Blanche
Paris 18
Till 9 June

"100 women of the century" in 2020.