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Immerse your students in an adventure that will get them working in teams, and in English, without even noticing! Three escape games set in a haunted Scottish castle, on the Titanic and in London during evacuation from the Blitz are easy to put in place and full of cultural content for cycle 4.

The Escape Games pack comes with a game each for 5e, 4e and 3e. Each game has a set of six different posters, for six groups, photocopiable games sheets and a teaching guide with full instructions. Pupils can access audio and video clues using the Nathan Live! app on a smartphone or tablet. And all the resources are available in digital format so they can be videoprojected to the class, including a teaser video to set the scene for each challenge. The games are designed to be completed in one class session, and have been tested in class.

All is explained in this short video:


Find the Clues!
Each game comes with a teaser video to set the scene and get your pupils ready for their challenge. We’ve hidden the three videos around our site. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: unravel the clues to find the three videos.

5e: Trapped in a Scottish castle!
Your pupils will need to escape from the iconic Eilean Donan Castle, outwitting a kelpie, a mythical water horse. To find the video, search for the patron saint of Scotland.

St George    St Andrew    St David

4e: Whodunnit on the Titanic
A violinist in the ship’s orchestra has had his violin stolen. He has to get it back before his next concert. And to find the video, look for a popular British TV series and film that starts with the sinking of the Titanic, which changes the future of an aristocratic family.

Peaky Blinders    Bridgerton    Downton Abbey

3e: Keep calm and beat the Blitz
Can your pupils help the Brown children get to the train that’s going to evacuate them from the capital to keep them safe from air raids? To find the video, what was the name of the evacuation scheme in 1939?

Operation Pied Piper    Operation Dick Whittington    Operation Churchill

Testing the Titanic game in class.

This demo shows you the Titanic game.

Pochette Escape Games
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Available to order now. Find out more.

Escape games en espagnolYour colleagues may be interested in the set of three games for Spanish cycle 4 classes. You can find a video presentation here.





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