Time to Shine!

Posted by Speakeasy News > Tuesday 14 April 2020 > Pedagogy Shine Bright Lycée

They're finally here. (Well they're in warehouses waiting for schools to reopen!) Our teams of teachers, editors, picture researchers, graphic designers, layout artists and more have been hard at work for months preparing two new textbooks. And we can now let you have an exclusive look at them.

The new books join Shine Bright 2e, Shine Bright 1e and our Reading guides for LLCE in the Shine Bright collection. One is for Terminale classes, the other is for both years of Langues, Littératures et Civilisations Étrangères.

So, with no further ado, click on the  links below to see everything we have in store for you!

Browse Shine Bright Terminale

Download the teacher's guide PDF

For more information.

Browse Shine Bright LLCE.

Download the teacher's guide PDF.

For more information.