Waitangi Day, New Zealand’s National Day

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In this A2 article your students will learn about the population of New Zealand and its national day, Waitangi Day on 6 February. You can decide to work on it either at the beginning of February to match the celebrations or as part of a unit devoted to national days in English-speaking countries. Although this will obviously not be a starting point for a discussion of imperialism given the age and general knowledge of the students, the article allows for a few hints to avoid showing an idyllic vision of the Maoris' situation.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • geography and population related vocabulary
  • some Maori words
  • the superlative
  • present simple and past simple


  • vowel sounds: /i:/ /ı/ /aı/ /eı/ /aıə/
  • word stress: national, February, capital, important, election, Australia, respected...