Poster that says 7 décembre 2023, Journée internationale des assistants de langue

Celebrate your Language Assistants!

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7 December will see the first ever International Day of Language Assistants. We'd love to hear your shout outs to your language assistants. What is the most helpful thing they do for you? What is the most important thing you can do for them?

The day has been created by France Éducation International to celebrate these vital aides who help pupils learn first-hand about living in a country where the language they are learning is spoken. There are 4500 assistants in France each year, covering 16 languages.

On 7 December, various events will be being held around the country, and French embassies and Instituts français around the world in countries where France sends 1500 French language assistants every year. And two competitions will be launched, for assistants and teachers. Watch this space!

We would love to hear your stories about hosting assistants, or being assistants. You can email them in and we'll publish extracts here.

If you have a language assistant in your school this year, make sure they know about the handy, downloadable guide for assistants produced by France Éducation International. It's packed full of information about the school system and French administration with everything from social distancing rules in class to advice about finding accommodation.

A first section is full of practical tips for living and working in France. The second section explains the school system and suggests activities for different levels of classes. It also includes ways to make contact with other assistants through a Facebook group and other social media.

The guide can be downloaded from the FEI site.

Journée internationale des assistants de langue
7 December
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