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We have a teacher recommendation for a site for creating posters for your classroom, and an example of a poster on the theme of Halloween to use in collège to work on the BE+ing present and reading comprehension around this celebration. Plus a worksheet on Halloween celebrations from A2, with a focus on the plastic used in throwaway costumes.

Sophie Coquelin, who teaches at collège Louise Michel de Saint Etienne du Rouvray (76), recommends the site PosterMyWall, where you can find a whole selection of existing posters, and create your own thematic visual aids, which can help pupils with written comprehension.

Here's an example of a poster she made on the theme of Halloween, to illustrate quotes from British kids about the celebration, taken from the BBC.

You can download this poster or discover the tools for making your own: you can add text, images, sound or video, and stock the resulting posters in your personal space on the site for easy access anywhere.

Right click to download.

A Green Halloween
Laurence Haquet, who teaches at collège Marc Chagall in Gasny (27) has created a downloadable worksheet around Halloween from A2 using a BBC Newsround video and an article on how to have a plastic-free Halloween.

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