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If you think the ukulele is a gadget, a novelty instrument for children, get ready to be blown away. Hawaiians love the instrument, and Taimane is one of its greatest exponents. Don't miss her in concerts in Paris and Brittany.

Taimane grew up in Hawaii with a Samoan mother — her name means "Diamond " in Samoan. Taimane started playing ukulele at the age of five and the sound she produces is extraordinary, running from Led Zeppelin to traditional Hawaiian to Bach, as well as her own compositions.

Respecting Nature
Taimane’s latest album Elemental pays tribute to natural elements that have shaped the islands of her birth. It’s difficult not to be aware of the elements when you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on islands created by volcanic eruptions, and where seismic activity is constant.

In May 2019, she released her single “Earth”, dedicated to the Hawaiians who were displaced by a massive volcanic eruption followed by a 6.9 earthquake in the Puna region of the main island in May 2018. The video for the song shows the region’s natural beauty and the devastating effect of volcanic ash and lava flows.

Find out more about the history of ukulele in Hawaii here.


Upcoming concerts

Thursday 30 May, 8.30 p.m.
Le Bal Blomet, Paris

Sunday 2 June
Bed & Camping Penn ar Pont, Saint-Goazec (29)