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Many of you have told us you would like to introduce your younger pupils to reading fiction in English, in collège and seconde. So, we put our heads together with some teachers who already do reading projects in English. The result is our new Reading Guides anglais. Two first titles are in shops now!

Getting pupils doing cursive reading in English is great for so many reasons! We all love a story and what better way to expose pupils to English than to give them a story where they really want to know what happens? It’s motivating for them to feel they are reading “real” books like “real” English speakers. And all the more so when they are guided in their reading so they really feel they can understand. And they won’t just be absorbing the language – novels are chock full of cultural details that can be introduced naturally.

Our guides start with an introduction to the author and the work, to prepare pupils for what they are going to read. We provide a chronological series of extracts that cover the main lines of the plot and each one is accompanied with tools to help pupils understand and get the most out of their reading. Each of the ten or so parts in the guide ends with an intermediary task. And at the end of the guide, you’ll find two final tasks, and interdisciplinary project, further reading and watching ideas and a board game based on the story.

Check out our first two titles!

From A2+: Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. A funny and touching novel in which Ben discovers that his grandmother isn’t as boring as she appears. In fact, Ben and Granny hatch an adventure together that will take them to the Tower of London and to meet a very famous lady!


From B1: Bestselling author of The Giver trilogy Lois Lowry based Number the Stars on the WWII experiences of a Danish friend, who told her how almost all of Denmark’s Jewish population escaped being captured by the Nazis thanks to a massive wave of generosity and help from their fellow citizens.


Both books are full of suspense that will keep your pupils wanting to read on and find out what happens to the young protagonists!

You can find out more about the collection in this video, presented by Corinne Escales.


For more details, and an extract of each title to browse through, check out Gangsta Granny and Number the Stars on the Nathan website.


We've been accompanying LLCER teachers and their 1ère and Terminale pupils with our Reading Guides for their set texts since 2019. You can find all the titles on our dedicated page.