The Dream of Being an Artist

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The Dream of Being an Artist is an exhibition in Lille’s Palais des Beaux Arts until January 6 2020. With over a hundred works from different areas and spanning several centuries, the exhibition questions the way artists have been considered in society and perceive themselves. It includes several works by contemporary English speaking artists. The subject fits the new syllabus for the “classe de seconde” – “Axe 6: la création et le rapport aux arts”. 

In this A2-B1 sequence, students talk about artists they like and what they think makes an artist before reading a text about the vision of artists and arts in society throughout history. Then, they are given reproductions of several works that will be on display in Lille – an occasion for them to discover contemporary artists and start a reflection about arts and artists in society.

Culture, language and structures

  • a few contemporary artists
  • how artists have been considered throughout history
  • describing and commenting
  • opposing and contrasting
  • the passive form

Le rêve d’être artiste
Palais des beaux arts, Lille
20 September 2019-6 January 2020