United Nations Webpicks

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A slideshow, an article and a video to explain the United Nations General Assembly to your students, and let them see how young people can participate.

This article from BBC children's news programme Newsround does exactly what it says on the tin: explains "What is the United Nations"? The language is fairly simple. It's usable from A2, and especially well suited to 3ème classes studying 20th century history, wars and peace.

This slideshow explains the U.N. General Assembly in less than a minute. There is no voiceover and the facts are short and simple. Suitable from A2+.

Youth Delegates from more than 30 countries attend the General Assembly in September. Their role is to help young people in their home countries understand the role of the UN and get involved in the subjects the youth delegates are passionate about.

This video was made by the 2016 German delegates. 1:00-3:20 shows a whole range of youth delegates addressing the General Assembly and committees in English, Spanish and French. The delegates obviously have a range of accents and the sound quality varies, but it gives a good general impression of the delegates' participation and working of the assembly. From B1.

Notion(s) culturelle(s) : "Lieux et formes du pouvoir" "Des repères géographiques, historiques et culturels"