Your Students Have Talent: Punk is not Dead

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It's always lovely to see students' work. Here are some collages created at the end of a sequence from Shine Bright 1e:  SnapFile 10 Punk is not dead.

In this sequence,  in Axe 3  Art et pouvoir, students considered whether the spirit of punk can still shake society. They were asked to create and comment on a DIY poster for an exhibition on “Punk art as a rebel attitude”.

These pupils from  Lycée Louis Bascan, Rambouillet (78) got really creative with their collages!

A collage representing a punk with a Mohican hairstyle.






A punk collage in the shape of a boot.


Your students have talent, too!
We are always happy to celebrate students' work at any class level. If you have examples you would like to share, please send them to us, letting us know about the task pupils were responding to.

Thème(s) : "Art et pouvoir"