All New Tom and Jerry

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The new Tom and Jerry film made us smile so much, we decided to create resources for two levels on it. The film mixes animation and live action and stars Chloë-Grace Moretz, whose first task as a wedding planner is to rid a Manhattan hotel of Jerry the mouse before the big day. At A1, pupils will work on a short article, and at A2 they’ll discover the trailer.

A1 Vocabulary and grammar

  • strong vs clever vocabulary
  • expensive, luxurious
  • catch, chase, run after...
  • simple present in the first and third persons (like, doesn’t like / want/doesn’t want...)
  • want to do / want someone to do

A1 Pronunciation

  • Stress and vowel pronunciation in a selection of words

A2 Vocabulary and grammar

  • Picture description: in the foreground, in the background, in the right-hand corner....
  • Job interview vocabulary: be qualified, take on a position, hire, get hired
  • run after, chase, catch, escape, run away...
  • unfortunate, unlucky, brave, bold...
  • a rodent
  • shake hands
  • get rid of
  • “That rodent is toast” = that rodent is going to have serious problems.
  • superlative
  • be about to
  • will (we will be ruined, I’ll catch it, I will not let...)
  • building antonyms: lucky / unlucky, fortunate/ unfortunate, successful / unsuccessful, afraid / unafraid, fearful / fearless...
  • still / not any more / already

A2 Pronunciation

  • Stress in adjectives beginning with -un
  • Stress in words ending with -tion
  • Stress in compound nouns (suitcase, backpack, bus stop...)
  • Vowels in rodent, toast, hotel, diamond, exterminator...

This is this trailer. We've also put it on a neutral page if you want to send pupils there on their own.