Beauty and the Beast

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 24 March 2017 > Ready to Use

In this A2-level article your students will read about the latest musical featuring the well-known characters of Beauty and the Beast. They will probably have seen the animated film on which this version is based when they were younger, but may not be familiar with the unfolding of the plot.

The parallel drawn here between Belle and Emma Watson, in particular the feminist dimension of the character which bridges the gap between the original fairytale and today’s world, needs to be investigated to give the article its full potential as an A2 document rather than an A1 simple narrative.

Si our article on the film for the trailer.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Fairytale-related vocabulary.
  • Physical and moral description.
  • The passive voice in the past.


  • Asking and answering questions about childhood memories of a fairy tale.
  • Discussing qualities and shortcomings.

Reading, writing, speaking

  • Finding general and specific information.
  • Writing a few lines about one of the characters.
  • Reporting to the group / the class.