Becoming Michelle Obama

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 26 April 2019 > Ready to Use

The release of the former First Lady’s memoir and her accompanying conference tour is a great occasion for pupils to learn more about her biography, and about the role of the First Lady, which  Patricia Nixon (First Lady from 1969 to 1974) described it as “the hardest unpaid job in the world”.

This article gives an insight of Michelle Obama’s life as she herself tells it in her autobiography, and looks at the role of First Lady in the U.S. political system.

After reading the article, pupils can complete an individual or interactive writing task.

Vocabulary and structures

  • political life (term, run for president, campaign..)
  • linkwords: opposing ideas / showing paradox (even though, and yet, contrary to..)
  • studying and working (law degree, public service job, company, housewife…)
  • changes (turn upside down, affect)
  • life experience (present perfect vs preterite)

The link for the audiobook mentioned in the teacher's notes is here.