Steven Spielberg: The Fabelmans

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Everybody knows Steven Spielberg’s films, but nobody really knows about his private life and above all, what made him become a multi-awarded film director. This file will enable the students to learn more about him, his early life and his family – more precisely his mom, who he credits with his artistic side – thanks to a study of two trailers and a video interview of Spielberg.

This autobiographical movie can be studied with B1- B2 students and / or as part of a chapter about coming of age, life, memory and autobiography. For example, Shine Bright 1re File 1, Biopics in Hollywood, Shine Bright LLCER File 15 United Selves of America or File 16 Coming-of-age Stories.

Group work enabling differentiated teaching is suggested in the following activities.

We gave also provided a "who am I"? biobox quiz to introduce students to the director. You can also send students to this neutral page, or download it below. Follow the links at the bottom of the page or on the PDFs for the interview and trailers.

Vocabulary and structures

  • explaining past events: preterite (simple + be V-ing)
  • express cause and consequence: that’s why, as a consequence, as, since…
  • comparing: whereas, contrary to
  • defining personalities: artistic, lively, strict, stern, funny, …
  • life and introspection: coming of age, epiphany, power of hindsight, take stock, in retrospect…
  • hypotheses/modals: may, must,
  • expressing feelings: feel + adj / to experience + N

Practical skills

  • writing a letter
  • carrying out an interview


  • interaction / gap fillers (interview)

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