Big Ben

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Big Ben is a must-see on any trip to London. The iconic London landmark is undergoing major renovation work for the next three years. We take the opportunity to show pupils what makes Big Ben tick with an A2-level article. 

Language and Structures:

  • Descriptive narration: simple present and preterite tenses
  • Numbers: saying dates
  • Modals and use of the future
  • Specific vocabulary around clocks and monument maintenance
  • Vocabulary: compound words

Going Further:
The video below shows how the Houses of Parliament clockmakers change the time for British Summer Time and back again in the autumn. We suggest either listening first without the video or watching the video without sound and have the pupils make hypotheses about what they grasp. Then have them watch with sound and the possibility to take notes in order to collectively make sense of the document.

The video is 1'30", so it could also be used as a relatively easy listening comprehension training activity for lycée pupils.


This topic works well with
Thumbs up! 6e Unit 6 "Special Missions to London".

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