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Robin Hood is great way into British history as pupils can build on their prior knowledge of the character. If you are working on Robin Hood as part of a medieval theme, with the Robin Hood Festival in Nottingham, or as a theatre activity, these videos provide vocabulary help and food for thought.

This one-minute video about the Robin Hood pageant in Nottingham each October has no dialogue or voiceover. It's ideal for introducing or reinforcing vocabulary when working on a Robin Hood or medieval theme. Jousting, horses, archery, bows and arrows, swords…. it's all there! A1+

This short video shows a little more of Nottingham and adds a small amount of dialogue. A good second step. A1+

Robbing the Rich to Heat the Poor
And round off the theme with this short advert for Robin Hood energy, a not-for-profit energy supplier run by Nottingham City Council to help low-income citizens. The language is easy enough for A2 and pupils should be able to formulate why Robin Hood is a good name for this not-for-profit energy company.

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