Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley, recording a song.

Bob Marley Biopic

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Not only his songs but also his face and his name are famous around the world. The new biopic Bob Marley: One Love is the perfect occasion for you and your students to learn more about the most famous Jamaican singer of all time and the difficult times he lived through.

Vocabulary and structures

  • slavery: slaves, abolition, slavery, oppression, revolt / rebel…
  • dates (centuries, decades, years): 18th century, 1950s, 1494…
  • talking about past events (preterite)
  • fighting for a cause: raise awareness, make people aware, denounce, make fun of, voice an opinion, a tool, weapon
  • peace: unify, bring peace,
  • songs: lyrics, band, music, melody, chorus, singer…
  • encouraging / convincing: Why don’t you… ? Have you ever… ? What about… ?
  • explaining / giving details: as a matter of fact, actually…


Here is the trailer. You can find it on a neutral page to show students here.

Bob Marley: One Love
On general release 14 February 2024

Ready to Use Downloadable resources ready to use in class
> The Sound of Jamaica
> Bob Marley: One Love Trailer