Poster for World Autism Month saying Act Fearlessly for Change.

World Autism Awareness Month

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April is World Autism Awareness Month. It aims to raise awareness about the condition. This short video by a British schoolboy with autism is a great introduction for pupils to see how he experiences life and school, and the benefits of help he has received.

This video was produced for Comic Relief for the 2023 Red Nose Day. It's subtitled for accessibility. He describes both the advantages and the difficulties of autism, and how a horse-riding charity, Autism Angels, funded by Comic Relief, has helped him manage his emotions better and feel more comfortable both at school and at home.

Most of the language and situations will be familiar to students from their own lives, and it's understandable from A2 with help.


Raising Awareness
The American charity Autism Speaks is asking the public to sign a pledge to champion inclusivity and stand up against the bullying two-thirds of autistic students experience.

Poster encouraging pupils to be super heroes for inclusion.

The British National Autistic Society focuses its fundraising and awareness campaigns around the idea of a colour spectrum, emphasising that autism is a spectrum disorder, which effects different people very differently. As Robyn Steward and Jamie Knight, the presenters of the BBC's amazing podcast 1800 Seconds on Autism regularly remind listeners, "When you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism."

Poster for the National Autistic Society saying We're supporting World Autism Acceptance Week.

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