Caremongering Article and Video

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This B1 resource is around a positive news story your pupils can study during the current quarantine. An article, and a video report from Canadian CTV News give examples of the trend for “caremongering”: using social media to organise, or ask for help during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The downloadable worksheet can be filled in directly in the pdf, then saved with a new name so it can be sent to the teacher for correction.

Vocabulary and structures

  • social media: trolling, connecting people, posts, #/ hashtag, networks, streaming…
  • epidemic/ health issues: quarantine, virus, to spread, medicines, social distancing, self-isolation, pharmacy, hand sanitiser, outbreak…
  • helping/ social interactions: run errands, community, camaraderie, chat, offer help/ advice, neighbours, network, care, (not) e alone..
  • personality: kind/ kindness, polite, kind-hearted, generous
  • present simple vs be ING present
  • passive voice
  • by + v-ing

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> Caremongering: positive news video