Feelgood Music

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Music has great power to inspire us and lift our mood. Which we could all do with  a bit of at the moment. We were trying to think of work to set pupils at home that was positive and good for the soul: what better than a little soul music?  So here is the first in a series of resources on feelgood songs. In this case, Nina Simone and her version of "Feeling Good".

The downloadable worksheet can be filled in directly in the pdf, then saved with a new name so it can be sent to the teacher for correction.

Axes du programme : Représentation de soi et rapport à autrui / La création et le rapport aux arts

Vocabulary and structures

  • music, nature and emotions
  • preterite
  • passive voice
  • present simple and present be + ing
  • causative structures
  • infinitive structures


  • the song ‘Feelin’good’
  • the Civil Rights Movement
  • Nina Simone


  • analysing the lyrics of a song and commenting on the musical accompaniment

Pramatic goals:

  • expressing an opinion about a song
  • writing about the feelings evoked when listening to a piece of music

You can see the Biobox quiz about the song, below, or download it in the zip file. Or, if you want to send your pupils to view it on a "neutral" page, you can send them  to this page.