Celebrating Votes for Women

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A hundred years after finally gaining the right to vote in the U.S.A., women today systematically both register and vote more than men. These two resources, one with a more complex article than the other, encourage pupils to discover the long campaign for suffrage, and some of the activists who worked for the 19th Amendment and women who continue to oppose discrimination up to the present day.

You can download below a simpler and more complex version of the same article, with accompanying activities. The B1 version can be taught either in 3e (Rencontre avec d’autres cultures: repères historiques et géographiques) or in 2e (L’art de vivre ensemble: le passé dans le présent). The B1+-B2 fits well into the Cycle terminal theme Diversité et inclusion.


Vocabulary  and Grammar

  • the superlative (the first / the most famous)
  • the passive (was arrested / was adopted / are created / was defended / was considered / were ignored...)
  • relative pronouns (the first state where women could vote / everyone who believed / the women who worked for it...)
  • want somebody to be / to do...
  • demonstration
  • even though / on account of
  • over the years / across the country
  • in honour of
  • demand, ignore


  • woman / women
  • suffrage /sʌfrɪdʒ/ / suffragist
  • almost, theatre, honour, Wyoming, biography, title
  • stress in words ending in –tion


Vocabulary and structures

  • suffrage movement: right to vote, suffrage, suffragist, picketing, hunger strike, polls...
  • preterite
  • voicing an opinion: To my mind, in my opinion, I reckon, I believe, I think, it seems to me that…
  • qualifying statements: To a certain extent, in a way, up to a point…
  • justify : Since, as, because, insofar as, inasmuch as…
  • link words (cause/ consequence) : since, as, because, so, as a consequence, that’s why, …


  • suffrage /sʌfrɪdʒ/



  • women’s right to vote
  • the U.S. Civil War
  • anti-slavery movements
  • amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • the NAACP

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