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The lycée lessons in English on France 4 which started on 25 March have been such a success that there are now programmes every week for the different collège levels.

The collège-level lessons are 30 minutes long.   You can find the detailed schedule here.

The subjects for the first two lessons for 6e-5e are discovering the UK and visiting London.

For 4e-3e, it's discovering wilderness and areas of natural beauty in the Canada, first through outdoor activities, then through conservation efforts.

For the week of 6-10 April, there's a programme a day, including sport in English:
6 April 3 p.m. Circuit training (4e-3e)
7 April 2 p.m. Seasons and weather in an English-speaking country (6e-5e)
8 April 3 p.m. Yoga lesson (4e-3e)
9 April 2 p.m. Discovering a zoo in a major English-speaking city (Sydney) (6e-5e)
10 April 3 p.m. Totem poles and First Nations (4e-3e)

For the week of 13-17 April:
13 April 3 p.m. Wide open spaces in Australia  (4e)
14 April 2.30 p.m. School uniforms in the UK  (5e)
15 April 2 p.m. School timetables in the UK (6e)
17 April 3.30 p.m. The Gold Rush in the USA (3e)

For the week of 20-24 April:
20 April 3 p.m. A West Coast American state (California)  (4e)
21 April 2.30 p.m. American food (5e)
22 April 2 p.m. Central Park, New York (6e)
24 April 3.30 p.m. Mount Rushmore and some American Presidents (3e)

For the week of 27-30 April:
27 April 3 p.m. Netball: a women’s team sport  (4e)
28 April 2.30 p.m. Food and health. (5e)
29 April 2 p.m. Food: snacking. (6e)

For the week of 4-7 May:
4 May 3 p.m. Discovering Hawaii  (4e)
5 May 2.30 p.m. Scotland: Monsters and Ghosts. (5e)
6 May 2 p.m. Discovering Scotland. (6e)

For the week of 11-15 May:
11 May 3 p.m. Discovering Food in the U.S.A.  (4e)
12 May 2.30 p.m. Extra-curricular Activities. (5e)
13 May 2 p.m. Daily routine (6e) You could combine this with the Rockwell daily routine sequence.
15 May 2 p.m. Discovering Cricket. (3e)

You can watch the programmes on TV, or online from the time of broadcast.

Any useful documents will appear on the  Lumni resources page after the broadcasts.

You can find all the information about the educational programming La nation apprenante on Eduscol.

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