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As we have said many times, teachers are finding amazing creative ways to keep providing their pupils with motivating, and feasible, work to do during lockdown. This sequence found on the Académie de Grenoble's English site can be done entirely in distance learning. It mixes culture and language in a class for 6e about daily routines sparked by a painting by Norman Rockwell. And why not extend it with audio and video from the BRNE anglais cycle 4?

Daily routine is a standard topic for beginners, but in this sequence, Céline Roussel from collège Pierre Grange in Albertville renews the theme by asking pupils, "How different or similar from usual is our daily routine during lockdown?" It uses  Rockwell's paintings A Day in the Life of a Little Boy, and A Day in the Life of a Little Girl, both Saturday Evening Post covers in 1952. They are series of vignettes.

The sequence includes a series of worksheets and a Genialy page guiding pupils step by step through reading, grammar and listening activities before asking them to make an artwork like Rockwell's vignettes, of their pet or soft toy's routine, and write an accompanying text.

Going Further 

There is a video and several audio tracks with interactive comprehension activities about daily routine in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4. To see the resources, register now or log in then look for:

Vidéos > A1+ > Langages et modes de vie > Dylan's Day
Learn all about an English boy's daily routine.

Do a search for the word "day" and you'll find several A2 short audio tracks in which pupils from around the English-speaking world discuss their daily routine. They range for the UK to Canada, Australia, Barbados and Mauritius.

There is also a 6e-level Lumni educational TV programme on daily routine, broadcast on 13 May.

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