Collecting Statistics: Class Project on Gender Equality

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This project from the United Nations is really concrete and could work well as part of an EPI with Maths and Geography, or at a more sophisticated level as part of a Lieux et formes du pouvoir or l'idée du progrès theme in lycée, especially with ES classes.

SN_gender_equality02_intIt asks pupils to collect statistics about the representation of women both at a national level (political leaders) but also down to their own level (their headteacher, doctor, parents' bosses, sports coach, etc.) It can of course just be a homework project, but the idea is to really add the statistics to the global survey. The statistics (individual or class) can be uploaded here.

You can view and download the whole lesson plan or just the project pack with the blank survey form. Pick and choose what suits your class level (from A2) and time available.

This video introduces the subject. Pupils will no doubt be motivated to see Emma Watson, but the language makes it difficult to use under B1 level. You can download the video to watch it offline.

#FromWhereIStand - Take Part In a Project For Gender Equality - from World's Largest Lesson on Vimeo.


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