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National Vegetarian Week is taking place from 13 to 19 May in the UK, encouraging people to move towards a plant-based diet for their health and the planet’s.

The week is organised by the National Vegetarian Society, which was founded in 1847, reflecting the long history of vegetarianism in the UK. The Society believes that 2-3% of the UK population is 100% vegetarian (eating no fish or meat). But many more are moving towards a more plant-based diet, avoiding red meat, or trying to include more vegetarian meals in their diet. For example, a 2018 survey by Kandar contained no meat or fish.

The success of the Veganuary campaign, started in 2014, is one factor. It encourages people to try a vegan diet for the month of January. Participants increased from 3,300 in 2018 to 168,500 in 2018.



Vegetarian: including no meat or fish
Vegan: including no animal products (meat, fish, eggs, milk, honey…)
Flexitarians are flexible about their eating. They tend to eat a mainly plant-based diet but will occasionally have animal products.


Why Go Veggie?
The Vegetarian Society says that people generally have three main motivations for going vegetarian, or at least trying to eat less meat and fish: for the environment, for their health, or for animal rights. They have created a 1-minute video for each case, which would make a great class group activity.

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