Feelgood Music 2: “Waterloo Sunset”

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For the second of our series of feelgood songs, we've crossed the Atlantic to the UK, 1967, and The Kinks' classic "Waterloo Sunset". Which gives plenty of scope to work on emotions, and London landmarks Waterloo Station and the Thames. Pupils can start by watching a Biobox about the year 1967 in music before going on to answer a quiz, learn about The Kinks and analyse the song. 

The downloadable worksheet can be filled in directly in the pdf, then saved with a new name so it can be sent to the teacher for correction.

Axes du programme : Le village, le quartier, la ville / Espaces privé et espace public

Vocabulary and structures

  • simple present
  • preterite and past perfect
  • wh-words / questions
  • contrast, opposition, concession
  • superlatives
  • feelings
  • city life
  • personal opinion


  • London
  • Waterloo Station
  • The Thames
  • The year 1967 in music


  • Comparing two situations / giving an opinion

Pramatic goals:

  • writing a personal opinion about a song online

You can see the Biobox video about 1967, below, or download it in the zip file. Or, if you want to send your pupils to view it on a "neutral" page, you can send them  to this page.

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