Florence Nightingale

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2020 is Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary. After she and a team of nurses managed to significantly reduce the death count by improving the appallingly unsanitary conditions at a British hospital during the Crimean War, she became an authority on public sanitation issues. She also earned a reputation for her statistician’s skills, and her charts would influence the direction of medical epidemiology.

To this day, Nightingale is broadly acknowledged as the founder of modern nursing. In fact, during the current Covid-19 crisis, emergency field hospitals created to deal with the pandemic in the UK have been dubbed "Nightingales".

In this A2 video your students will learn about Florence’s life and influence. The link with the current Coronavirus situation may seem obvious to some, particularly in relation to hygiene, but we suggest not dwelling on it, as any mention of the disease may be painful to others.

Like all our resources since the beginning of the lockdown, the worksheet is a pdf in which pupils can enter their answers and save them to send back to you.

 Vocabulary and grammar

  • hospital related vocabulary
  • simple past
  • want someone to do something, persuade someone to do something
  • uperlative


  • Crimea, hygiene, soldier
  • Stress, rhythm and /ə/. Eg ‘Florence ‘Nightingale was an ‘English ‘nurse.

You can see the Biobox video a below, or download it in the zip file. Or, if you want to send your pupils to view it on a "neutral" page, you can send them to this page.

Notion(s) culturelle(s) : "Des repères géographiques, historiques et culturels"