First Man

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A new film, First Man, released a few months before the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landings gives an opportunity to look back at a discreet man who marked 20th century history. 

This B1+-B2 resource about Neil Armstrong’s mission offers an insight into the race to the Moon. Not only does it focus on his life and give pupils the opportunity to learn more about this quiet man, but it also sheds light on how challenging and time (and money !) consuming the adventure to conquer the Moon was.

Pupils will be asked to make timelines of Armstrong's life or the Apollo 11 mission. The Biobox quiz below can be used as a fun way to check the information in Armstrong's timeline.

You'll find two extracts of speeches by President Kennedy about the Moon missions to round out the sequence.

The movie First Man could be then watched as follow up.

Vocabulary and structures

  • heroes, pioneers, trailblazers, …
  • to show the way, to pioneer, to blaze a trail
  • to admire, to look up to, to be a role model, to inspire
  • linkwords : cause and consequence (in order to…) + contrast (whereas, yet…)
  • preterite vs past perfect
  • suppositions  in the past and present(must / may/ might + bv OR have v-en)
  • chronological links

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