Keith Haring Street Art

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Tate Liverpool is running an exhibition of Keith Haring's iconic street art, which will then transfer to Bozart in Brussels. We've concocted activities to work with Haring's art at different levels from A2 to B2. It would be interesting to compare Haring with another street artist from a different generation and continent: Banksy, the subject of Shine Bright 2de Snapfile 8: "Will You Get Banksy-ed?".

The Tate exhibition on Keith Haring explores this iconic artist’s work and activism. his works are still celebrated today. In fact, not only do they look familiar to the young generation but they also denounce issues that are still topical and unsolved. Browsing (or even rummaging!) through various pages Tate has devoted to Haring on its website site pages gives a thorough insight into the artist’s world and his rather short career.

We’ve suggested 4 different webpages on the Tate site to help students, no matter what their level is, to get a glimpse of Keith Haring’s work and philosophy. They are in order of difficulty: A2, B1, B1-B2, B2. You can use all four together, with differentiated groups, or pick out specific ones for specific class groups.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Art and street art: artists, denounce, chalk, paint, galleries
  • Critical analysis: to imply, to suggest, to stress , to highlight
  • social issues: AIDS, drugs,
  • Changing the world: convey a message, raise awareness, tackle problems, denounce…
  • Society & its problems: AIDS/ diseases, political issues, gay rights, topical issues…
  • Linkwords: Contrast (whereas, yet…) and paradox (.). Adding ideas: moreover, what’s more, furthermore
  • Past / preterite
  • Why? vs what…for?

Keith Haring
Tate Liverpool
Till 10 November 2019

The exhibition will then tour to the BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels
6 December 2019-19 April 2020

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