Making Mardi Gras Covid-Safe in New Orleans

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When it was announced that its famous Mardi Gras parades were being cancelled because of Covid restrictions, New Orleans residents decided to find new ways to honour the tradition.

Mardi Gras celebrations are an important part of Louisiana’s French heritage, and normally attract tourists from around the world. Mardi Gras kicks off King Day (Twelfth Night – 6 January) and reach their crescendo on Mardi Gras itself (16 February this year).

Normally, there are parties, balls and parades, organised by different krewes, which are secret clubs. There are decorated floats, everyone wears costumes, and the people on the floats throw plastic beads, cups and things to the spectators.

But with parties and parades banned, New Orleans’ krewes have decided to turn their talent for decoration to houses instead. Residents have hired the artists who usually make floats to decorate the outside of their homes. You can see a gallery of 250 float houses here.

A house decorated as a Mardi Gras float in New Orleans. A long-nicked dinosaur sports a top hat and tradition Mardi Gras beads in the traditional colours: purple, gold and green.
One common theme for decoration is dinosaurs, along with Mardi Gras jesters and the traditional colours: purple, gold and green.


This video features a house decorated with a skeleton theme and a fun song about the pandemic-rules celebrations.


Sleeves Up, NOLA!

A Poster of a woman in a yellow Mardi Gras costume and mask and the slogans Sleeves Up, NOLA and the COVID vaccine is our shot to get back to normal.City authorities asked Mardi Gras Krewe regulars to appear in costume in this public service announcement encouraging citizens to get the Covid-19 vaccine. NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana), has a high proportion of African-American and Latino residents, two groups that are mainstays of Mardi Gras, and have been disproportionately badly effected by Covid.


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