Martin Luther King Slideshow

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Civil-rights leader Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on 4 April 1968. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of King's death, this B1 sequence will allow pupils to explore his life and legacy.

After briefly sharing what they already know about this inspiring figure, students will watch a video and learn more about MLK’s final days and his assassination. In groups, they will then collect more information from a downloadable animated slideshow about his life and achievements in order to write MLK’s obituary.

Culture, language and structures

  • Martin Luther King, Jr
  • the Civil Rights movement
  • expressing the past
  • time markers
  • be allowed to / be able to / be forbidden to / have to
  • making and discussing hypotheses


Fast Facts Slideshow:

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Notion(s) culturelle(s) : "Des repères géographiques, historiques et culturels" "L’idée de progrès" "Mythes et héros"