Comedian, actress and disability activist Rosie Jones modelling Red Nose Day merchandise.

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Red Nose Day (18 March in 2022) encourages people to raise money for projects in the UK and the developing world by "doing something funny for money." But it also aims to raise awareness of poverty, disability and homelessness, particularly among schoolchildren, who are massive supporters, along with school staff, of Red Nose Day. Here are a selection of teaching resources provided by Comic Relief for Red Nose Day.

For pupils from A1, scroll down the schools downloads page to "Early Years" and then  "Learning resources". There are two very simple PDF resources, one about 2-year-old Emma and her family in Kenya, who are helped by Comic Relief funding, and another with a few simple facts about Kenya.

This 1-mn video is a good introduction to the Red Nose Day, showing some ways people can donate and participate. As usual with Comic Relief, it's very tongue-in-cheek, with actress Joanna Lumley turning up in incongrous places like a kitchen cupboard to congratulate people on buying a red nose or making cup cakes for a bake sale. There's no real comprehension needed so it can be used with any level. It could be used for descriptions with the present be+ing.

Tom's Homecoming
It would be nice to have pupils try to guess what Tom is going to do to raise money for Red Nose Day  from the first images. They probably won’t recognise the Olympic-gold-medallist diver, who is a household name in the UK, but that will make the guessing even more genuine.

Meet 9-year-old Teddy
The story proposed for primary schools can work from A2. In the film Teddy explains that his disability means he uses a wheelchair and is partially sighted. He has been helped by a centre funded by Comic Relief, North East Sight Matters, where he can do music and drama activitie and make friends. Ethan says it has given him an enormous boost in confidence.  There's a teaching poster provided on the schools downloads page, which would allow some of the more difficult vocabulary to be previewed. You could also use the three questions proposed to discuss confidence and diversity.

Meet 19-year-old Steph
The film proposed for secondary schools this year is on quite a difficult topic: family breakdown and living in care. Steph was put into care after a family breakdown and at 16 was living alone in a hostel and feeling terribly lonely. She started doing watersports with Local Solutions’ Sports Horizons, funded by Comic Relief, and found people there to help her find a proper home. Now she is a volunteer sports instructor herself. Again, there is a teaching poster which would allow you to prepare pupils for the topic.

Time to Play
The schools' resources page includes downloadable quizzes that could provide a fun activity. The primary one is fairly easy and usable from A2.

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