Polar Adventurer

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This A1+ document is about teenage Australian adventurer Jade Hameister, whose dream came true in January 2018 when she completed the third challenge in the polar hat-trick, becoming the youngest person to ski to both Poles and Greenland. Interestingly, although we can expect her to be considered a superhero by A1+ students, she insists on the importance of trying rather aiming at perfection. Just the kind of advice a foreign language teacher encourages pupils to follow!


  • past simple of regular verbs + some irregular verbs.
  • make someone + adjective.
  • have to / don’t have to.


  • Climate change, environment, outdoor, sledge.
  • Derivations: Pole, polar / environment, environmental / adventure, adventurer, adventurous / Australia, Australian.
  • Surf, surfing / trek, trekking / inspire, inspiring.


  • Adventure(er), Australia(an), polar, youngest, other, women, courageous, enthusiastic...

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